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Who Am I?

There are so many methods to my madness, that I named them like a person with multiple personalities. 


Whether I'm writing books, blogs, lyrics, etc. I am G Black.  When I create beats or instrumentals, I am Dark Mental.  I have such a dark mind.  Whenever I recite lyrics, I am Bliz Stylz, pronounced Blizz Styles; which means Black Styles.  I'm so dark.  Oftentimes, I may say G Black in a song, because, technically, I had the name G.A. Black since the early 90's, when I wrote Hip Hop lyrics and recited them.  What does G. A. Black mean, you ask?  Gangstress Attitude of a Blackwoman.  No, I was never part of any gangs.  I came up with that name, that personality, because I was always so angry as a kid and it showed in my rhymes.  My lyrics were hardcore.  I kill people in my songs.  I always have.  I always will.  My peers started calling me Gangsta Black; hence the name, G Black. Then there's Millie Black.  Whenever I decide to sing, my name is Millie Black.  I had that name since the mid 90's.  No, I'm not claiming to be a singer, but, I can carry a tune. 


So, what if some or all of these personalities end up on the same song?  You might hear a shoutout before they do their thing.  For example, on an upcoming song, I have singing parts & rhyming parts.  You will hear a shoutout for Millie Black to sing.  You will hear a shoutout, "Blizzy" for Bliz Stylz to rhyme.  Dark Mental made the beat.  G Black wrote the lyrics.  I may or may not have a shoutout to them.  Sometimes, shoutouts aren't given.  That's just how my mind works.

So, yeah, that's pretty much all to my styles or personality as an artist.  Don't get it twisted.  I write occasional love songs too.  

Before I let you go, I am the sole owner/operator of Dark Mentality Productions LLC.  DMP is a production & publishing company for only my works.  I produce music and publish music & writings for myself; for now.  In the future, I may produce songs for people & publish their songs and writings.  We'll see.